WithCO Bouquet Cocktail Mix

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WithCO Cocktails 

Your choice of WithCO Cocktail Mix to suit your occasion. WithCo believes in using cocktails to build community.  They realized hosting can be time consuming, costly, and far too complicated.  So they created a solution.  WithCO drinks have unparalleled flavor and freshness so that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience.  It is about balance.  Each bottle is a batched cocktail mix, using only fresh, flavorful ingredients, and they have done all the pre work for you – the measuring, muddling, straining, and chopping.  All you have to do is add ice, a splash of your favorite spirit, and give it a stir.  You can always use soda water if you are not in the mood for booze.   

    Bouquet Cocktail Mix

    Nothing says fresh like WithCO’s Bouquet Cocktail Mix.  Ingredients include fresh lemon juice, pure cane sugar, lavender and rose water.  


    • 16 oz
    • Serves 10 cocktails
    • No Preservatives added
    • Pair with gin, vodka, tequila blanco, rum, whiskey, champagne, or soda water
    • Non-alcoholic
    • Refrigerate after opening
    • Shelf life unopened is 1 year, opened 3 weeks