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How It Works

Step ONE


Choose from one of our curated luxury gift boxes, or build your own.

Step TWO


Select the right options to fit your Luxury occassion.



Purchase your luxury gift box and we do the rest!

Which Box Will Rise To Your Occasion?

Let's be Honest...

Gifts can be tricky; there's an art to finding one that checks every box. With meaningful, creative, and luxurious gifts, our boxes check off all of yours. Do not let your gifts be forgotten.

For the busy gift-giver with the best intentions, but not enough time in the day. We have the time.

For the gift-giver with a heart of gold, but no idea where to start. We do.

For the corporate gift-giver who wants to differentiate themselves, but live inside the box when it comes to gifts and need some ideas...we'll bring you  'out of the box' and elevate your relationships.

Aglaiya Gift Strategist


Is the name of one of three sister goddesses ("the three Graces") who are the givers of charm and beauty in Greek mythology. Our name, AGLAIYA, was inspired by the beauty that they represent. As the givers of beauty, the three Graces remind us that beauty is not owned, it's circulated. Our beauty does not come from what we have, or take, it comes from what we give to others. AGLAIYA represents the beauty in gift-giving.