The Gift Box, A Card for the Occasion, Fragrance, and Flavor

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AGLAIYA’s devotion to boxing each luxury gift to perfection extends beyond the box; to make unwrapping each gift an experience.

All boxes will include a Card for the Occasion, Packaging, Shipping, Salted Caramels, and a Sachet. 

Fragrance & Flavor

Fragrance |  elizabethW Silk Sachet Pillow

elizabethW silk sachet pillows are the perfect aromatic addition for any area of your home or business that needs a pop of color and freshness such as closets and drawers. NOTE: colors will vary

Flavor |  Main St. Shoppe Salted Caramels

Main St. Shoppe salted caramels perfectly balance sweet with salty providing a creamy chewy texture and a touch of salt. This decadent morsel will completely ignite your senses.