Quartz Gemstones By Norfolk Living

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Rose Quartz is one of the most beautiful of the quartz family, with its gentle pink essence, it is known as a romance stone used to attract love as early as 600 B.C. It emits powerful energies of compassion, comfort and healing.

To use, simply add a couple of drops of your diffuser oil over the gemstones, allow the crystals to absorb the fragrance before it gently releases it into the air over time.  I top mine up every time I enter the room and follow with a few deep calming breaths.  Choose an oil below for fragrance.  

Blue Calcite is a wonderful healing stone. It is known for its ability to aid physical healing, whilst helping to sooth anxiety and frayed nerves. Blue Calcite eliminates negative energies and has a powerful recuperation effect on your spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.

Snow Quartz complements Blue Calcite as it also has powerful properties that help shield against negativity. This is especially rewarding if disharmony has built up in your day-to-day life or work environment.  Choose an oil below for fragrance.