Love Snaps by BIG LOVIE

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BIG LOViE Love Snaps

Put even more heart into your BIG LOViE Infinite Love blanket by adding their signature LoveSnaps. Featuring uplifting and affirming messages, the tags are hand-crafted from soft and pliable Ultrasuede®.  Add your very own just-right mix of LoveSnaps to make your BIG LOViE blanket that much more meaningful for you or for someone you love.


Product Specs: 100% Ultrasuede® + 1/2” round copper end snaps.

Made in United States

Dimensions - 7" l x 1.5" w

Weight - .02 lb

Choice of Love Snaps

LoveSnaps: I am with you

LoveSnaps: I simply couldn’t be more thankful for you

LoveSnaps: Life is tough my darling but so are you

LoveSnaps: Be yourself today you look gorgeous like that