Infinite Chunky Knit Blanket – Little

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Rosie + Sheba are friends who believe in the power of warmth, love, and connection. Together they've created BIG LOViE; cozy blankets and apparel crafted with sweet soulful messages to appreciate, celebrate, and encourage each other; literally wrapping up in love.

Infinite Chunky Knit Blanket – Little

Our Infinite Love blanket is the lightest, airiest and most luxurious chunky knit blanket you’ll ever experience. Most chunky knit blankets on the market use multiple spools of yarn, but ours is made with one continuous thread of single-center yarn, ensuring the most cohesive knit that will last through use and washing. Pair with our signature LoveSnaps for a totally unique product.


100% polyester chenille yarn (2 cm diameter)

Dimensions - 30" l x 39" w x 1" h

Color - Oat

Weight - 1.57 lb

Machine wash cold water; no bleach or softener. Dry Low.